Life with a Child

Life with a Child: Travel Tips for Long Haul Flights


For my upcoming long haul flight, I knew I had to plan ahead for traveling with an infant. I have always thought that being on a plane with a baby would consist of me holding her in my arms for the whole flight where she would literally sleep like a baby. But no. Long haul flights are never fun even for us adults but for children, they are a nightmare. Limited room to roam around and play, having to sit in one place and be quiet and calm isn’t something children are used to. To mentally prepare myself once again for a flight with a 9 month old infant this time, (which is a whole different playing field), I gathered some tips that I think might help ease you and your child for the flight.


Life with A Child: Mum Hacks & Baby Proofing

I have always wanted to include a section in my lifestyle edit on coping with life with a child. After having my daughter I learnt a few tips and wanted to share them along the way with you! Of course it is never easy but I found a few tips and tricks to help cope and keep all you fellow mums out there sane.


These ideas of course will not eliminate the chance of disaster but it always helps to have things in order. How do you help keep things organized around the house?



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